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High Seas Rescue and Salvage Ridgeline Entertainment Ridgeline Entertainment Danger Zone Danger Zone Ridgeline Entertainment Bloodline In The Sand Ridgeline Entertainment Ridgeline Entertainment Haunted By Heroes Dragonflies and Astronauts Bandayde Resurrection Bloodrock Tahoe-Battle Against Winter Sunset Fire Ridgeline Entertainment

Television Development and Production


Ridgeline Entertainment combines decades of mainstream television production experience and the newest interactive social media broadcasting and distribution technologies to bring gripping reality programming and live events with A-List artists to television, web and mobile platforms worldwide.

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By combining network quality shows with cutting edge web technologies, Ridgeline successfully drives to advertisers the viewer demographics they covet.

Founded in 2010 by multi-Emmy Award Winner and “Deadliest Catch” producer Doug Stanley, Ridgeline is focused on telling authentic, compelling and emotional stories from all corners of the Earth to an ever-expanding global and mobile audience.

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