Bloodlines in the Sand

For centuries, the men of the Gulf region were the fastest men on earth. The reason? They had the strongest, hardiest machine at the time; they had the Arabian horse. The endurance capabilities of these majestic beasts of burdens were unparalleled and have remained supreme throughout history as a direct result of the exceptional care that was taken to manage their breeding and protect… More →


In the world of professional sports, men and women give their all to be the best in their field. For some, the pressure of fame is too great and they fall from grace. With the support of loved ones and superstar mentor “angels,” such as boxing legend Evander Holyfield and Olympian and “genius coach” Otto Siegel… More →

Haunted By Heroes

Music clubs on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, such as Whiskey A-Go-Go and The Roxy, are known for being a stepping-stone for some of the most famous bands in history. On the fast track to becoming one of the world’s most adored rock bands, Haunted by Heroes has already rocked both these legendary stages… More →

Bandaide Resurrection

For one moment in musical history, they had it all – fame, adoration, and a chart-topping hit. But those moments of popularity crumbled just as quickly as they arose. In the series, BandAide Resurrection, one-time music mega-stars get the opportunity to erase the demeaning title of “One Hit Wonder” from pop music lexicon…. More →

Secret Family Recipe

Picture this…A professional chef of a well-known restaurant is boasting about his secret recipe for Jambalaya. It’s so good the restaurant usually runs out an hour into the dinner rush. The recipe is king for this chef and he guards it like his own castle. Now imagine this chef is told he has to compete against another chef in town… More →

Road Kill

Call it what you may, “Grill to Grill,” Black Top to Table Top,” or even “Highway to the High Life,” in the end Road Kill can only be called one thing: Grossly Entertaining. Cruising the highways and byways of the globe for animals that have met their unfortunate demise… More →