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Ridgeline Entertainment

Ridgeline has brought together an impressive and experienced team to produce and deliver not only the much sought-after content viewers seek, but digitally distribute it using the optimal social media outlets necessary to take a show around the world.

This world-class team has decades of experience and strong relationships in television, interactive social media technologies, agency sales, journalism, public relations, and national brand advertising.


The Ridgeline Team

Doug Stanley


CEO/Executive Producer

Adding a new chapter to a long and successful career as a Primetime Television Producer, multi-Emmy Award winner and producer, Doug Stanley is the visionary and architect behind the deeply talented team at Ridgeline Entertainment.  He is best known for his seven years producing Discovery Channel’s global hit show “Deadliest Catch,” but he has produced top shows for many networks, including FOX, ABC, Animal Planet, and CMT.  In the past year alone, acting as a showrunner and executive producer, he delivered 34 episodes of new programming to national television.  Prior to life in the television industry, Stanley led an active “outdoor” life working as a Yosemite rock climber, a professional ski patrolman, and a lead river guide for a Grand Canyon whitewater rafting outfit.  This experience has played a major role in his ability to successfully “bring home the goods” when it comes to television production in the most extreme environments.


Glenn Carnahan


CFO/Line Producer

Glenn Carnahan is a financial executive with more than 25 years of experience running companies and high-profile projects.  He brings his systems, financial, and operational focus to the broadcasting, development, and social media efforts at Ridgeline.    Recently, Carnahan was the Line Producer on 34 television episodes that were released nationally in March, 2014.  Before joining Ridgeline, Carnahan guided several startups in the software and green-technology arena.  In addition, he has a successful background and strong track with public companies, such as the Robert Mondavi Corporation and Coca-Cola Enterprises.


Anthony Gordon

Anthony Gordon 3


Anthony Gordon brings more than 15 years of television industry experience to the Ridgeline team.  He has worked with many professional sports leagues and with more than 100 world champions.  Gordon brings the art of storytelling to a new level by leveraging cutting-edge technology, his never-ending enthusiasm, and his sense of performing in a cost-effective and -efficient manner.  He has applied his creative genius to countless corporate creative campaigns, including television and digital properties, and mobile solutions.  Gordon recently produced and directed the global adventure television series “Wild Racers.”  He and his camera team followed a select group of athletes as they traveled the globe competing in the most arduous endurance events on the planet.  Since its first airing, this series has surpassed 15 million viewers.


Todd Stanley



Todd Stanley has been creating and producing television for nearly 20 years.  He is often called on for difficult assignments that require someone with a cinematographer’s eye as well as a producer/director’s nose for story.   For the last 12 years, Stanley has worked on Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch and during that time has received five Primetime Emmy Awards for his work on that global hit.  Time and again, he has produced outstanding non-fiction television and has always delivered the killer images needed to make compelling stories come alive.


Brian Bose


VP Content Development/Marketing Director

After nearly 10 years working as a reporter and editor, where he earned several “Story of the Year” awards, Brian Bose took his writing skills into the marketing and public relations arenas. With a creative, AP-style that transcends all industries, Bose has successfully written press releases, website copy, blogs, marketing and sales materials, scripts, and advertisement slogans for a variety of well-known companies and individuals. Prior to joining Ridgeline, he successfully ran his own PR firm that focused on utilizing the latest online marketing strategies to increase brand awareness via savvy copy.


Giuli Schacht

Schacht Photo


As president of the Creative Industry Alliance and CEO of Rational Developments, Giuli Schacht sure keeps busy. Her experience spans a number of different industries, from film and art to design and retail. She has managed a law firm, owned and operated several thriving restaurants, was a corporate chef, and led business development for several investment and marketing agencies. With a background in film and art, she ran her own film house and has produced a number of successful public service announcements (PSAs) for businesses and non-profits. Schacht has also won several awards from the American Institute for Commercial Producers for her commercials and documentary films.


Len Brown

Len Brown Image


Len Brown is a production partner and SmackDab representative with 23 years experience in all aspects of video production from working behind the camera to the final phases of post production. He has produced and worked on a number of programs for cable television, including his latest release, “Ships of the Great Lakes.” In addition to producing and directing, he spent time teaching video production as an adjunct instructor at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. Brown was also a videographer and reporter for WSBT-CBS and WNDU-NBC in South Bend, Indiana and has worked as a DP on the set of many national television productions and commercials.


Travis Lischer

Lischer Photo

Senior Story Producer

Film, television, and storytelling have been lifelong passions for Travis Lischer. Starting when he was just a young boy traveling throughout the United States with his “stunt pilot” father, producing and promoting intricate air show performances, Lischer has more than 20 years experience in the entertainment industry, which includes his role as senior story producer and writer for “Hell & Highwater.” With four screenplays and two television pilots to his credit, Lischer has proven himself to be a master storyteller. His attention to detail and keen insight into the human condition have brought high praise and interest throughout the industry.


Peggy Jett

Peggy Jett Photo

VP Operations

Peggy Jett has more than 20 years of finance, systems, and operations experience in industries ranging from construction and land development to manufacturing and insurance. Although she has worked for long-established companies, Jett’s passion lies in building the processes and structure for start-ups and young growing organizations. Her wide-ranging expertise in accounting and finance, compliance, human resources and operations provides the broad foundation needed to support and bolster SmackDab’s innovative business model.  As an entrepreneur, Jett launched, developed, and sold several successful businesses.


Terri Simpson


Business Development

In addition to 25 years in media, digital, sales, advertising and marketing, Terri Simpson has owned radio stations, been a pioneer in digital (was VP Digital Broadcast for Tribune Company), founded enterprises that cut a new path for customer-facing environmental enterprise, enjoyed serial success as a fundraiser, been a leader in the multi-cultural marketplace, designed and implemented affiliate models that broke new ground and sold, for a profit, two of her own companies.


Kim Johnson

Kim Johnson Photo

Business Development

With 24 years at the forefront of integrated media sales, sales management, and business development, Kim Johnson sets the bar high. Having launched interactive sales strategies for thousands of radio station websites, been an architect and builder of profitable audience development models, and pioneered interactive and mobile programs for traditional media companies, Johnson has been responsible for well in excess of $100 million in new revenues.  Along the way, Johnson has been the VP of Sales for Clear Channel Radio’s corporate Internet Division, served as SVP of Digital Sales and Sales Strategy for Tribune Company, and helped a number of start-ups grow to profitability.


Gene Lim

Strategic Advisor

Gene Lim has more than 20 years experience in marketing and advertising. Lim is a graduate of USC’s Marshall School of Business. He is a strategic leader with talents in concept development, design, branding, marketing, promotions, emergent technologies and a commitment to excellence that make him a unique asset. He was previously the founder and partner of Mozaik, a packaging and display firm, and Tunis, a marketing promotions firm. Lim has raised millions of dollars in contributions from Fortune 500 corporate partners and represents the United States on the G20 YEA (Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance).


Tony Novia

Strategic Advisor

Tony Novia is a Multimedia Executive with more than 20 years in the entertainment business, including roles as EVP Business Development & Strategy with Content & Company, EVP New Media & Business Development with Ryan Seacrest Productions and VP with Vivendi Universal.  He has a diversified record of success in TV Development and Production, Web-series Development and Production, advertising, web video, domestic and international music marketing, major-market broadcast radio station management, and TV content aggregation.  He brings an in-depth understanding of cross-platform opportunities with traditional and emerging media.


Adam Dubov

Strategic Advisor

An Emmy Award-winning creative digital media executive, Adam Dubov has an extensive track record of achievement in motion pictures, television, entertainment marketing, and the Internet.  For the past seven years, he has directed HBO’s online digital content strategy for the Game of Thrones’ Viewer’s Guide, which earned him an Emmy Award last year. Without question, Dubov sits at the intersection of technology and entertainment, and knows exactly how to create rich and insanely popular online destinations.