Alaska’s Death Run

Alaskas Death Run
For the first time on primetime television, Alaska’s Death Run follows the stories that unfold every season on one of the world’s deadliest fishing runs. Fatalities, injuries, and hard life lessons are all too common in this epic daily fight against wild predators and fellow fishermen battling for the same payout – the majestic King Chinook Salmon.
In the wild terrain of Alaska, danger lurks everywhere. In the cutthroat fishing world, everyone is the enemy and the run attracts some of the toughest, meanest, most interesting characters on the planet. Competition is so fierce, it is not unusual for fishermen to get up at 3am to stake out the fishing area, only to find they have been duct taped inside their trailer! In the Alaskan bush, payback is given in spades and people cannot call 911 for help. How many pounds will they catch? How much is their catch worth? We track these counts to see who is the real “King of the Death Run.” This element keeps the competitive “game” motif going as seen in “Deadliest Catch” with the crab boats. There is nothing like it on earth. It is…Alaska’s Death Run.