America’s Armchair Quarterback

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Thanks to a new, interactive LIVE football television show, there will be no more second-guessing by fans. That is because the fans will be selecting their team players and calling the plays, first-hand! While it may sound like fantasy, this new TV broadcast and online game is a revolutionary, unique spin on fan- tasy football. Viewers make nearly all decisions on behalf of their team, including selecting rosters, choosing who will start, and selecting the plays in a season-ending LIVE multi-game finale. This is the gamification of real, LIVE football where fans control and command REAL players, where fans build professional football teams from scratch and lead them into battle. This is “America’s Armchair Quarterback!” Combining the best aspects of both the TV and digital worlds, America’s Armchair Quarterback caters to a significant and established demographic. Since an estimated 70% of Americans watch football, 100 million play Madden Football, and more than 50 million play fantasy football, this incredible interactive show is sure to catch on with audiences across the nation and the globe. The stimulating real-time engagement is sure to get fans jumping out of their sofas with joy. Throw in the fact that those who successfully pick the most plays that result in first downs and scores will win money for their fantasy football performances, will have them clapping and cheering even more.

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