Armstrong Action


There is a new conflict in Hollywood. The battle has begun against an adversary that does not breathe, does not bleed, and cannot die. Andy Armstrong, Gary Davis, and their families have teamed up to challenge their competitor in the Hollywood stunt business- Computer Graphic Imagery (CGI) – to prove nothing beats real LIVE stuntmen for the best action. Led by Armstrong Action Stunt Company owner, Andy Armstrong, (The Amazing Spiderman, Transformers, I Robot), and stunt supervisor Gary Davis (The Green Hornet, Terminator 2, Speed), this show provides an entirely new character-driven twist on stunt shows. In each episode there is a CGI movie stunt chosen and then replicated using real live stuntmen and Hollywood techniques without the use of computer graphics. The objective is to prove that these stunts are possible and the final product is just as spectacular (if not more) with real live people. Two rival stunt families now working together, against a foe that seemingly can do just about anything, Armstrong Action is sure to provide off set drama that is as thrilling as the new stunts performed.

Armstrong Action Sizzle Reel

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