Beyond Boundaries: Alaska


Warm Springs Bay, Alaska is home to the Baranof Wilderness Lodge where each week float planes arrive with a new group of excited adventurers ready to embark on a life-changing expedition led by the lodge’s certified wilderness guide. For the visiting nature lovers, this is a dream come true. For those who live and work here, however, each day is a struggle. Exploring the majesty of the Alaskan wilderness often comes at a price. Camping trips can instantly become a desperate fight for survival against the weather and the wildlife. The nearest hospital is four hours away and accessible only by helicopter. Behind the breathtaking scenery, lie isolation, loneliness, competition, in-fighting, equipment failures, and repair costs that all threaten the success of the lodge.   Every new episode of Beyond Boundaries: Alaska brings a new set of adventure-seekers to this amazing wilderness lodge, each one with the potential to become a natural wonder – or a natural disaster!

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