Bloodline In The Sand (Documentary)


For centuries, the men of the Gulf region were the fastest men on earth. The reason? They had the strongest, hardiest machine at the time; the Arabian Horse. The endurance capabilities of these majestic beasts of burdens were unparalleled and have remained supreme throughout history as a direct result of the exceptional care that was taken to manage their breeding and protect their genetic lines. The backbone of the story is the famous Abu Dhabi Endurance Race (H.H. The President’s Cup), which provides an exciting story arc while the audience gets a first-hand account of the racers’ family ties to the great leaders of the Gulf who fought to protect their horses’ bloodlines. As the Arabian Horse is now found around the world, this timeless saga crosses cultural and geographical borders and will appeal to a global audience. It will entertain as much as educate as it delves into the positive aspects of the Arab culture, while also examining the unique man-horse relationship that has existed throughout history. As a feature film, it will be breathtaking; produced in ultra-high 4K resolution using high-speed cameras, biomedical and biomechanical animation, and aerial photography. Bloodlines in the Sand may be about the Arabian Horse and its amazing role in the history of the gulf region, but the true inner story will strike a nerve in all of us.



6 thoughts on “Bloodline In The Sand (Documentary)

    • John Bain

      So where can one see any of these shows today!? – I think this is 99% fake hype. They have a bunch of demos that won’t move, so they put it on the Maverick channel that no one sees. I believe Maverick doesn’t pay $$. It’s a dumping graveyard. I think Doug sloshed around on a tuna boat & then made outdoor docs that the cable nets thumbed down, and they sit here year after year. Or worse, on the dead end Maverick infomercial channel. But he does write the over-hype here well. Too bad. He’s a pretty good camera man. Another Sacramento area momentary up – down & out. The lure of Hollywood & probably losing plenty of other peoples investment money, with the big talk.


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