Brand Channels

Ridgeline Entertainment has joined Emmy award winning producers with cutting edge technology developers to create a unique interactive promotion and broadcast platform we define as a Brand Channel. Our patent pending system merges original primetime television content with a turnkey Facebook technology solution. The result allows brands to own, broadcast and promote their own targeted content to Facebook users worldwide.

With our Brand Channel platform, each brand receives a truly interactive, multi-channel and custom-designed player that resides on their Facebook page. Ridgeline customizes each Facebook page by re-writing the underlying code to add our new technology and to magnify the capabilities of other features. Brands will utilize our patent-pending “push” technologies to add new promotional capabilities while dramatically increasing engagements. The end result allows brands to leverage the full power of social media.

Brand Channels are destinations, a source for premium content for both pre-recorded and LIVE event multi-stream broadcastings. Visitors can chat in three dimensions – with their “friends, with the “Set” or the cast members, or with anyone in the chat universe – while continuing to watch the broadcast content. In addition, Ridgeline provides real time voting and FAQ capability to each attendee. Finally, we offer the brand host an executive dashboard filled with real time analytics that captures relevant and insightful viewer preferences as well as detailed demographic information.

Ridgeline offers companies the opportunity to reach a wider audience with the global reach of Social Media Broadcasting. Brands are no longer limited by satellite “footprints”, cable operators or international borders when communicating their messages to the marketplace.