Bull Warriors


In the fast-paced, action-packed life of Championship Bull Riders, professional athletes risk it all to be the best of the best in an eight-second fury of flying hooves and horns. Bull Warriors follows the lives of professional bull riders and the folks who make it all happen, from their trainers to the rodeo clowns to the “buckle bunnies” who follow the riders from rodeo to rodeo to the wives and families who pick up the pieces when things fall apart. The pursuit may be eight seconds of fame, but it’s a lifetime of glory, heartache, and often times despair. It is a hard life, both on and off the 2,000-pound bulls, and some won’t have the stomach – or guts – for it. As the riders travel from location to location and event to event, the ups and downs will be higher and lower than the bull rides themselves. When it comes to Bull Warriors, audiences across the globe will need to saddle up as the action and excitement are the best this side of the Rio Grande!

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