Chasing Monsters


This series highlights the lives of professional big wave surfers Ken “Skindog” Collins, Shawn Dollar, Keala Kennelly, Greg Long, and Maya Gabeira who risk their lives attempting to ride the biggest waves on the planet. While the monster waves of California’s cold, shark-infested waters and Hawaii’s shallow reef breaks provide amazing action, the drama out of the water may be even more thrilling. All of the characters have families, loved ones, and rivals who are entangled in the surfers’ pursuits. The content doesn’t get any more compelling for viewers as each of them is forced to deal with injury, financial instability, family strife, and even coping with the deaths of fellow surfers. Even the search for “the monster break” is stressful and intense as these surfers must pick up and jump on a plane, boat, or in a car at a moment’s notice to get to the giant break in time. One day it’s the shores of northern California, the next it’s Australia, then it’s Portugal, and quickly on to South Africa. Chasing Monsters provides exclusive access to exotic locations and to the colorful and dramatic characters who put life and limb on the line as they chase monster swells.

Chasing Monsters Sizzle Reel

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