Danger Zone


Set your flaps for a hot new competition series that is certain to raise the bar for high-octane television. Twelve young male and female competitors from all walks of life face the wildest reveal of all time – they are about to become fighter jet pilots! Starting off learning how to fly a Cessna, a light aircraft, the competitors will quickly move on to aerobatic stunt planes where they will learn – and compete – in a series of mid-air drills and races. After several rounds of eliminations, the best will move on to L-39 Combat Jets, where they will vie for the title of “Top Gun” as they go through a number of simulated air-to-ground combat missions, pylon races, and “dog-fights.” Following FAA-approved training guidelines and safety regulations, Danger Zone is sure to be a high-flying, nail-biting, dog-eat-dog show packed with excitement, drama, and supersonic fun. Many will burn out, while others will literally spin and of control. In the end, there will be a few “Ice Men” who rival Goose and Maverick in their quest to be the next “Top Gun.”

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