Ice Breakers: Frozen Inland Seas


Every winter captains must fight the harsh elements on The Great Lakes in a quest to deliver critical cargo without destroying their ships. It’s the job of the US Coast Guard’s Ice Breaker Fleet to clear shipping lanes of thick layers of ice and rescue stranded vessels that get stuck. ICE BREAKERS: THE FROZEN INLAND SEAS explores the icebreaking process and the rescue operations as these valiant men and women patrol the frozen inland seas. The Mighty Mackinaw is the largest and most powerful Ice Breaker of the nine ships and her past endeavors are legendary. Breaking ice as thick as 10 feet, the “Mighty Mac” has liberated hundreds of ships trapped in the Great Lakes’ icy grip. The frigid drama on the water is the ideal complement to the heated drama onboard. Freighter captains are under strict deadlines, thus stress, anxiety, and anger rise faster than the winter ice in front of them. It is up to the Ice Breakers to ensure the valuable cargo is delivered on time and doesn’t end up on the bottom of the lake. While getting through the thick ice is a slow, painful process, the drama and excitement is sure to be an exciting, wild ride for audiences across the globe.

Ice Breakers Sizzle Reel

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