Lifeguard Dogs


They leap into the water without fear when the call goes out for help. Be it a sandy beach, a helicopter, or a speedy boat, there are no second thoughts for these K-9 lifeguards. While the idea of using canines to rescue potential drowning victims may sound dog-gone-crazy, it is not only happening throughout many European countries, but it is so successful other countries like Canada and the United States are starting to follow suit. Sure all they have is a dog paddle for a stroke, but deploying dogs as lifeguards is looking to be a stroke of genius. Especially in the case of the Newfoundland breed, which is perfectly equipped for this type of role because of its large webbed feet and double oily coat that protects it in frigid waters. In Italy alone there are more than 300 dogs patrolling the beaches and according to the Italy Coast Guard help in about 3,000 rescues per year. The exciting new series LIFEGUARD DOGS will follow these loveable dogs throughout Italy and a variety of other countries as they truly earn the nickname of “Man’s Best Friend.” Through the recreation of rescues, highlights of the rigorous training program, and interviews with coast guard members, witnesses to rescues, and those who have saved, this exciting new show is sure to rescue many a bored viewer.

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