New ‘Death Zone’ Reality Show Soars to New Heights

Combining the proven elements of character-driven drama with the latest innovative forensic science set against a backdrop that can only be described as “Alaska on Steroids,” the reality-based show “Death Zone Rescue and Recovery” will follow the first-year efforts of the highest altitude rescue operation in history, while also bringing an entirely new twist to the “Search and Rescue” genre.

From high in the Himalaya, our unique team of American doctors and American high-altitude rescuers will conduct expeditions of their own in order to find, identify, and recover some of the more than 200 dead and abandoned bodies on the slopes of Mount Everest. Known as “The Lost Souls of Everest,” each has his or her own unique and emotional tale.

 “Many People Have Been Getting Too Casual About Everest.

I Expect Disaster Many Times Over.”

~ Sir Edmund Hillary

Following last year’s tragedy on Everest and the significant death count of more than 30 Trekkers who perished on the Annapurna Circuit in a single snowstorm, a direct mandate was issued by the Nepalese government.  It is their goal to reduce the deaths and injuries that take place every year throughout the Himalaya and that starts with an American rescue and medical team stationed at the highest altitude of any clinic in the world – a whopping 21,000 feet above sea level.

With operations at Camp II on Everest, high above the dreaded Khumbu Icefall, for the first time ever, professional air and ground rescue efforts will extend into what is known as “The Death Zone,” the lethal area above 26,000 feet where the air is too thin to support human life.

DZRfirstPassLOGODeath Zone Rescue & Recovery will provide the ideal cast of heroic but vulnerable American characters: Harvard and University of Colorado doctors, a team of high specialized climbers/rescuers, expert helicopter pilots, a dedicated team of Sherpas, and three of the most powerful helicopters in the industry.   It will be their dual-objective to battle the severe elements and extreme altitude to save the lives of stricken climbers and to identify and recover the bodies of the dead in order to finally “bring them home” and provide closure for their loved ones.

Driven by a spirited cast that will have to face and solve the many challenges of a first-year operation, this exciting show will provide high-altitude drama that will place climbers and rescuers on the edge of crevasses and cliffs and put a global television audience on the edge of its seat.

In an epic first for television and setting at least three new world records, viewers will get to see daring helicopter rescues inside the “Death Zone,” led by Alpine Rescue Service, the only rescue outfit authorized to operate at such high altitudes under the new governmental mandate.

This team is out to save lives and break new ground, answering any distress call, on any mountain, and up to any altitude – including all the way to the actual summit of Mount Everest at 29,029 feet.

Helicopters struggling to stay suspended at 27,000 feet as rescuers strap a harness on an injured climber, elite Sherpas hauling a climber with severe hypoxia down the steep South Summit Ridge, physicians specializing in high-mountain medicine setting up portable Gamow Bags at the highest clinic in the world – this isn’t “Alaska on Steroids,” this is Death Zone Rescue & Recovery.

3 thoughts on “New ‘Death Zone’ Reality Show Soars to New Heights

    • John Bain

      Any shows get off the ground ? Other than maybe the no-pay non-viewed Maverick dead end infommercial channel, I don’t think so.
      Too bad. Doug’s a good cameraman. Just can’t crack the big boys to go the distance. There are lots of other shows competing for air time & odds are real real bad. Nothing on legitimate cable that I know of. This web site does not say “See xxxx show on CBS Wed nights”
      That probably means a number of sizzle reels going nowhere. The sad LA story. Lots of desire, nowhere to go.

  1. adios granos

    I got what you mean , appreciate it for posting .Woh I am delighted to find this website through google. “Wisdom doesn’t necessarily come with age. Sometimes age just shows up by itself.” by Woodrow Wilson.


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