Codessa Gill

At Ridgeline Entertainment

2012 • 2013 Intern - TV Production & Content Development

Ridgeline Entertainment, a media and entertainment company, provides interns with real-world experience developing, producing and marketing original entertainment and broadcast platforms.
Ridgeline internships extend an ideal opportunity to gain practical media-entertainment experience as well as exposure to career possibilities at Ridgeline Entertainment. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Internship areas of interest:

  • Graphic Design/Photography
  • TV Development/Production
  • Video Editing/Post-Production
  • Audio – recording/Post –Production editing, and design
  • Web Content and development
  • Studios Operations and management
  • Office Support
  • Legal
  • Marketing/PR
  • Journalism
  • Human Resources

Qualifications/Requirements for Ridgeline Entertainment interns are unpaid and therefore must meet the following criteria: Basic Qualifications:

  • In pursuit of an Associate, Bachelor or Graduate degree at an Accredited Institution
  • Current class standing of sophomore or above (30 credits)
  • Eligible to receive academic credit
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above
  • A letter of recommendation from one of your media subject teachers.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Authorized to participate in an unpaid internship in the U.S.

Group interviews as well as a personal one on one interview will be required.

Ridgeline Entertainment Internship Programs:

Our goal is to provide interns with unique hands-on working and networking opportunities as well as insights in to our Northern California production studio and media-entertainment company. Additionally, Ridgeline interns are afforded opportunities to attend workshops, equipping them with the tools to effectively function in the production environment.

  • Basic digital camera.
  • Shooting reality show.
  • Basic lighting & Grip support
  • Graphic Design – Photoshop
  • Basic Audio for studio/location
  • The inter working of a production company
  • Studio and set protocol
  • Producing for TV
  • Pitching your show

Internship Program Schedule:

  • Summer – May to August
  • Fall – September to December
  • Winter – January – April

Level ONE – Intern

The Level One Internship program begins at the ground level. This internship provides the hands-on opportunity to learn and experience the behind-the-scene media-entertainment world. This is a 12-15 hour a week commitment. The weekly schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Friday and select weekends for productions. This will be a four month commitment. This position is un-paid but is eligible credits.

Level TWO – Apprentice

The Level Two Apprenticeship is available for those that have completed the Level One Internship. This is a 15-20 hour a week, paid program. The weekly schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The program allows the apprentice to continue training and developing their individual abilities and talents. The apprentice will also have the opportunity to mentor the Level One interns. This will be a four to six month commitment. This position is a paid position.

Level THREE – Mentor

The Level Three Mentorship is the ultimate goal for each intern. To become eligible for a mentorship, individuals must have completed both the Level One and Level Two programs. The requirement for this level is to fulfill the assigned job duties and requirements as well as mentor the interns and apprentices. Mentors are paid as part-time employees and required to work scheduled hours. This will be a four to six month commitment or for the extent of the negotiated and agreed upon time period.