In the world of professional sports, men and women give their all to be the best in their field. For some, the pressure of fame is too great and they fall from grace. With the support of loved ones and superstar mentor “angels,” such as boxing legend Evander Holyfield and Olympian and “genius coach” Otto Siegel, Reset gives these fallen greats a chance to succeed in life after sports. Each episode features the ongoing stories of six major athletes struggling to remake their lives. Players are thrown outside their comfort zones into a variety of activities, such as laughter yoga, Zumba dancing, circus animal training, cooking food at a homeless center, and teaching an elementary school class, in an effort to help them imagine success beyond sports. The final episodes are an up-to-the minute, freshly taped Reset wrap-up of their journey; where they started, how far they’ve come, whether they choked and dropped out, or rallied and triumphed.

Reset Sizzle Reel

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