Road Kill


Call it what you may, “Grill to Grill,” Black Top to Table Top,” or even “Highway to the High Life,” in the end Road Kill can only be called one thing: Grossly Entertaining. Cruising the highways and byways of America looking for animals that have met their unfortunate demise, culinary masters and twin brothers Malcom and Marc Vance look to bring the salvageable parts of these recently deceased creatures from “Road to Plate.” From determining if the meat is still viable for harvest to working with locals to gain permission to remove the animal, the two chefs eventually turn their attention to finding the best recipe to turn the smelly rotting flesh into a fresh, aromatic, tasty dish worthy of any BBQ pit or fine restaurant. Along with insights into how that particular animal came to its demise and historic background on the animal itself, such as home range and migratory patterns, Road Kill is sure to be both compelling and informative. At the end of each 30-minute episode, the two brothers will unveil to their fancy, yet unknowing guests, that they are not eating beef or chicken, but moose or armadillo. To their utter surprise and shock, they’ll also learn that the savory feast lying on the plates in front of them used to be lying on the side of the road. Because of this, audiences around the globe are sure to find Road Kill grossly entertaining.

Road Kill Sizzle Reel

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