Secret Family Recipe


Picture this…A professional chef of a well-known restaurant is boasting about his secret recipe for Jambalaya. It’s so good the restaurant usually runs out an hour into the dinner rush. The recipe is king for this chef and he guards it like his own castle. Now imagine this chef is told he has to compete against another chef in town to see who cooks the best Jambalaya. Of course, the chef thinks he’s going to win. One thing he doesn’t know, however, is that he’s not competing against any other chef – he’s actually competing against his own Grandma, the creative culinary genius behind the Jambalaya recipe in the first place! Each weekly episode features a chef from a top restaurant, in cities from across the country, going head-to-head against his or her grandma, mother, uncle, or cousin – the true “tastemaker” who created the well-known masterpiece. With each new chef, there will be a new recipe and a heck a lot of surprise and smack talk. While the show focuses on the chef’s Secret Family Recipe, there’s always a dash of shock and pinch of tension.


Secret Family Recipe Sizzle Reel

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