Ridgeline’s Live & Pre-Recorded Video Services

Doug-Stanley1With countless awards in the film, television, advertising, and journalism arenas, which includes seven Emmy Awards, the Ridgeline Entertainment team is more than experienced – and ready – to take your video advertising and marketing needs to the highest level.

Be it a commercial, company profile, documentary, or web series, everybody and every company has a unique, intriguing story to tell. It is time to tell your emotional, exciting tale to a regional, national, and global audience.

Ridgeline’s unrivaled services Include: Live & Pre-Recorded Online Broadcasts, Branded Web Series, Corporate Marketing Videos, Documentaries, and Reality Television. 

Ridgeline brings the highest level of professionalism, experience, and service to every project.  We have the technical experience and video production experience to seamlessly produce any event or project including:

* Commercials   *Documentaries

*Films   *Television Show Development

*Digital Content (Web Series, Videos)

Ridgeline’s Producers work with your team throughout all phases of production.  We take the time up front to listen to your expectations, goals, and resource constraints.  Our professional staff performs a thorough analysis of your project before presenting a variety of options to meet your objectives.  When you are ready, our experts will dive wholeheartedly into the project to ensure the final product exceeds expectations.

Our production service options include planning and script development, lighting design, set design and construction, camera operation, sound mixing, technical directing, content editing, graphics generation, and remote production support.


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Ridgeline brings its highly effective storytelling techniques from traditional television and successfully applies them to the advertising and marketing arenas. Through the creation of content that captures the hearts and minds of a target audience, impressive results are not only reached, but also budgets and resources are limited. A win-win situation for brands and advertising agencies alike.

BrandingLogoRidgeline has been on the leading edge of social engagement and digital distribution.  With platforms such as Facebook and its 1.3 billion users, Ridgeline can utilize collective behavioral insights and target viewers with proven content techniques and strategies resulting in increased audience engagement, lasting impressions, and expanded viewer reach.

Ridgeline’s expansive multi-media expertise is invaluable for branding and communication efforts.  We understand how visual messages elicit desired emotional responses and highlight vitally important points of differentiation.  As fully vested collaborators, we’ll deliver your message in ways that emotionally connect with audiences.

In addition, our professional team can build creative branded content videos for your website, conventions & trade shows, television, YouTube, Facebook, and all other online and offline marketing avenues.  With our brand of storytelling, we introduce imaginative and unique solutions that engage audiences with its entertainment focus.  Whether the campaign is for a traditional television show or for a digital advertisement, Ridgeline is a trusted partner who will deliver successful results.

Ridgeline is available for projects, both domestically and internationally.


Parlotones_DragonfliesRidgeline’s seasoned team of broadcast professionals is well known for its expertise, attention to detail, and ability to create innovative and cost-effective media solutions.  When you need an on-time and brilliant performance, Ridgeline delivers.  We have the technical experience to seamlessly produce any show or project, either Live or pre-recorded, including:

*Corporate Events   *Music Performances

*Sports   *Tradeshows

*Web Broadcasts

Our experienced and highly accomplished team can design, build, and scale the broadcast operation needed for your particular event, including any required services such as on-air master control, content storage, playback operations, editing, satellite downlink operations, IP connectivity, animated graphics packages, full multi-team video and audio, and user-generated HD content management.

In addition, we can supplement existing broadcast teams with broadcast engineers who can professionally handle transmitter/microwave operations, video server/non-linear editing, transcoding and compression systems, broadcast equipment installation as well as maintenance and operations, and technical support for any Live, remote IP or smartphone broadcast


Brand-Name-Logos1Ridgeline’s extensive and proven storytelling techniques gained from traditional television productions can easily be applied to your company’s communications and marketing initiatives.  Our insights on how we build and attract television audiences can be shared and applied to reaching and building desired customers.

Ridgeline can offer insights on how to improve your storytelling across all mediums so that your message creates an emotional and lasting connection with your audience.  Our experts are ready to assist with:

*Branding       *Communications

*Education     *Live Events

* Marketing     *Products & Services

*Tradeshows     *Training     *Web Broadcasts


Ridgeline is your one-stop social media and web video partner.  Our team developed SmackDab (www.SmackDab.com), the future of social television.  Today, more than 1 billion videos are watched monthly on YouTube.  In Facebook, this number is 21 times larger.  While video for marketing purposes has significantly grown over the past few years, it is vital that your video stands out in this “rich media world” through art (a clever concept or great lead) and science (a top-notch syndication plan or dynamic online platform).

SmackDab Logo

The Ridgeline team has first-hand insights into designing and producing videos for social and digital distribution.  We understand that every brand has a story. And every story is compelling, gripping, and intriguing in its own way. The issue is not only finding the resources to tell the story, but the resources that know how to tell it in a way that the audience understands and rallies around.

Corp Storytelling PanelOur team of professionals has the reputation of creating engaging, emotional storylines, but we also have the ability of telling stories that are relevant NOW. What does that mean? It means you are not locked into a “cookie cutter” choice for video content for your YouTube channel, Facebook page, or website.

Ridgeline can design, produce, and deliver entertaining and engaging content, including LIVE events or product launches, a creative advertisement, or even a tailored show or web series that subtly, yet successfully, promotes your brand. 

Our experts are ready to assist with:

*Entertainment Series/Webisodes     *Kickstarter Campaigns

*Media Campaigns     *Mobile Communications

*Social – Facebook/Twitter/Vine/YouTube/Vimeo/Etc.

*Products & Services     *Websites

*SmackDab Television Channel


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