Chasing Monsters

From multi Emmy Award winning “Deadliest Catch” producer Doug Stanley comes a new series that will take viewers deep inside the lives of the men and women who track and chase the biggest waves on earth, risking their lives in the global pursuit of these monsters. Similar in format to “Catch,” this series will highlight up to five sets of characters in various geographic places such as Santa Cruz, California– the home of many of the famed big-wave surfers who surf the shark infested, cold water super-wave known as “Mavericks,” or the Hawaiian Island of Maui – the home of the monster wave know as “Jaws.”
Chasing Monsters will provide exclusive access to these colorful and dramatic characters, many of whom are already stars in their own right, and also allow us inside access to those who are close to, or affected by their pursuits - namely their families and loved ones. The “heart” of this show will provide us with a platform to tell amazing stories within this unique social culture, and allow us to tag along on as our cast embarks upon missions of purpose and of discovery.
In this “risk-everywhere” environment these men and women will ALL have to take chances, rolling the dice knowing that they could miss the swell, or miss where it hits – or worse, find that one of their rival groups have managed to land upon the day and the moment that it “Goes OFF!” And if it IS HUGE when they arrive…finding it will not be enough, it will still have to be ridden. These personal risk-centered stories will be told in a way that utilizes all of the experience gained through seven years of producing Deadliest Catch.
Incorporated in a side-bar as italicized, different colored text or something: “Everyone knows the risks. Everything changes all the time. A wave comes through you can’t pre-meditate it. It’s totally unpredictable. Ultimately it’s the ocean is always going to be the winner.” - Marti Paradisi, Big Wave Surfer