Armstrong Action

Created by three industry veterans, multi Emmy Award winning producer of Deadliest Catch, Doug Stanley, Armstrong Action Stunt Company owner, second-unit director Andy Armstrong (The Amazing Spiderman, Thor, I Robot) and Stunt Supervisor Gary Davis (The Green Hornet, Terminator 2, Speed),this series will take an entirely new twist on stunt shows, it will truly be a character-driven show.
The format for Armstrong Action is based upon Andy and Gary’s recent adventure and experiences while searching out and finding the right stunt player to double for Spiderman. Their quest turned “very interesting” when they decided to select and surprise a “nobody” from the mid-west, who possessed the specific skills they required, but who had no previous Hollywood background.
Andy and Gary ended up getting the performance that they sought, but were “immensely entertained” as their stunt “contender” had the eye-opening ride of his life in the process! Imagine his reaction when he thought he had succeeded, but then Andy said to him “That is kind of what we have in mind…but in the next take there will be a flipping semi-truck and three car crashes you have to wind your way through. You will need to perform that trick in the middle of the chaos! Think you can do that?
In a cascading series of twists and reveals, each of our non-industry “contenders” will also have the ride of their lives as they face their fears under pressure while attempting to perform world-class stunts. As they do, they will be aware that their performance is key, since there are other contenders waiting in the wings, anxious for their shot to replace them. Armstrong Action will highlight the unique characters that create, develop, test, film and perform amazing new stunts. In addition our character set will include our exclusive and humorous tech-driven crash test dummies. Keen on Success Andy and Gary will lead the show, working in tandem to devise new highly visual and ground breaking stunts, while seeking out non-industry athletes who can pull them off. Along the way, many “firsts” will be accomplished and a few new world records will be established.
Most Imortantly ALL will be entertained.