X-Treme Warrior

Inside the Heart of Every Woman there is an X-Treme Warrior

What happens when ordinary women go on a weekend-fitness get-away with friends? Housewives, students, professional women, sisters, along with the-girl-next-door think they're going for fun, exercise and a bit of adventure, but each participant comes home with so much more.
Pushed to challenge their physical and mental endurance to the extreme by Omar Akl, a former military boxing and kickboxing trainer, emotions soar and tempers fly as each women learns what it means to achieve their own personal best by breaking down the mental barriers that bind her.
Each episode is one 3-day event held in a different exciting location, with new contestants facing new challenges. Three categories help determine which one will be chosen "X-Treme Warrior" and move on to the final round. Divided into two teams and into pairs they perform physical challenges to judge individual, partner and team performances.
The catch is, the winner of each episode is determined by more than just her physical abilities. She is not necessarily the fastest, the strongest, or the cleverest. She isn't picked by a time clock, Omar, a panel of judges, or viewers. The winner of each episode is chosen by her team to represent them in the final round and a chance to win cash and prizes for all of them!
In the season finale, the winner of the previous episodes compete for the title of “X-Treme Warrior Champion” and a chance to win a jackpot for her and her team.