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Action & Adventure - Reality

  • AlaskasDeathRunAlaska's Death Run

    For the first time on primetime television, Alaska’s Death Run follows the stories that unfold every season on one of the world’s deadliest fishing runs. Fatalities, injuries, and hard life More →

  • ArmstrongArmstrong Action

    There is a new conflict in Hollywood. The battle has begun against an adversary that does not breathe, does not bleed, and cannot die. Andy Armstrong, Gary Davis, and their More →

  • BeyondBoundariesBeyond Boundaries: Alaska

    Warm Springs Bay, Alaska is home to the Baranof Wilderness Lodge where each week float planes arrive with a new group of excited adventurers ready to embark on a life-changing More →

  • BullWarriorsBull Warriors

    In the fast-paced, action-packed life of Championship Bull Riders, professional athletes risk it all to be the best of the best in an eight-second fury of flying hooves and horns. More →

  • ChasingChasing Monsters

    This series highlights the lives of professional big wave surfers Ken “Skindog” Collins, Shawn Dollar, Keala Kennelly, Greg Long, and Maya Gabeira who risk their lives attempting to ride the More →

  • DZRfirstPassLOGODeath Zone Rescue & Recovery

    Combining the proven elements of character-driven drama with the latest innovative forensic science set against a backdrop that can only be described as “Alaska on Steroids,” the reality-based show “Death More →

  • HandHSeason2Hell & Highwater - Season 2

    During Season One, we saw seasoned whitewater school instructors use a unique and controversial “trial-by-fire” approach that pushed some students to become high-level river guides and forced others to quit More →

  • House-Call-Vets-Website-Photo-1House Call Vets

    Dr. Sharmyn Clark, Dr. Julia Morrow and Vet. Tech, Jen Nugent, are veterans of the animal medicine and surgery world. In this one small corner of northeast Ohio, where suburbia More →

  • IceBreakersIce Breakers: Frozen Inland Seas

    Every winter captains must fight the harsh elements on The Great Lakes in a quest to deliver critical cargo without destroying their ships. It’s the job of the US Coast More →

  • LifeguardDogsLifeguard Dogs

    They leap into the water without fear when the call goes out for help. Be it a sandy beach, a helicopter, or a speedy boat, there are no second thoughts More →

  • TahoeBattleTahoe - Battle Against Winter

    This new series follows the unique characters that live and work at the major ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe region. In addition to the omnipresent avalanche danger, there are More →

  • Thief Hunters

    When you have a crime problem, you call the police. When the police have a crime problem, they call Jason Cecchittini. That’s because with his expertise and high-tech tracking equipment it’s only a matter of time until the thieves are Caught Red Handed. More →

Competition & Challenge - Reality

  • DangerZoneDanger Zone

    Set your flaps for a hot new competition series that is certain to raise the bar for high-octane television. Twelve young male and female competitors from all walks of life More →

  • MotorHeadUltimate Motor-Head Challenge

    Two teams, two cars, one epic day. Teams compete in a head-to-head competition to see who can build the best car through a series of “riveting” challenges. Whether it’s for a More →

  • Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 2.20.01 PMX-Treme Warrior

    What happens when four ordinary women go on a weekend fitness “get-away” with friends only to find they are going to be pushed to their physical and mental exhaustion by well-known military boxer and kick-boxer Omar Akl? They find their inner X-treme Warrior. More →

Culinary Enjoyment - Reality

  • RoadKillRoad Kill

    Call it what you may, “Grill to Grill,” Black Top to Table Top,” or even “Highway to the High Life,” in the end Road Kill can only be called one thing: More →

  • SecretFamilyRecipeSecret Family Recipe

    Picture this…A professional chef of a well-known restaurant is boasting about his secret recipe for Jambalaya. It’s so good the restaurant usually runs out an hour into the dinner rush. More →

Lifestyle & Music - Reality

  • HauntedHaunted by Heroes

    Music clubs on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, such as Whiskey A-Go-Go and The Roxy, are known for being a stepping-stone for some of the most famous bands in history. On the More →

  • ResetReset

    In the world of professional sports, men and women give their all to be the best in their field. For some, the pressure of fame is too great and they More →

Live Web Broadcasts - SmackDab/Facebook

  • Barger Screen ShotA Runner's Heart

    Most people on the verge of a potential “widow maker heart attack,” feel nauseas, lethargic, and completely out of breathe. Despite the bulge on his left coronary artery, Dan Barger, More →

  • Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.26.53 AMAmerica's Armchair Quarterback

    Thanks to a new, interactive LIVE football television show, there will be no more second-guessing by fans. That is because the fans will be selecting their team players and calling More →

Shows & Films - Scripted

  • BloodlineBloodline In The Sand (Documentary)

    For centuries, the men of the Gulf region were the fastest men on earth. The reason? They had the strongest, hardiest machine at the time; the Arabian Horse. The endurance More →

6 thoughts on “Bloodline In The Sand (Documentary)

    • John Bain

      So where can one see any of these shows today!? – I think this is 99% fake hype. They have a bunch of demos that won’t move, so they put it on the Maverick channel that no one sees. I believe Maverick doesn’t pay $$. It’s a dumping graveyard. I think Doug sloshed around on a tuna boat & then made outdoor docs that the cable nets thumbed down, and they sit here year after year. Or worse, on the dead end Maverick infomercial channel. But he does write the over-hype here well. Too bad. He’s a pretty good camera man. Another Sacramento area momentary up – down & out. The lure of Hollywood & probably losing plenty of other peoples investment money, with the big talk.


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