Thief Hunters

When you have a crime problem, you call the police. When the police have a crime problem, they call the “Thief Hunters.”

Led by Jason Cecchetini, the team uses patented high-tech tracking equipment to out smart and rein in criminals. In fact, Cecchittini is so good at personally bringing in the perpetrators, while also running a highly successful company, he’s viewed by those that know him as a real-life, modern-day Peter Parker or Bruce Wayne.

In similar fashion to the Caped Crusader, Cecchettini is on a crusade to use his technology and expertise to help make the streets around the world safe from crime. The hardware and software from his company, Pegasus Technologies, is the same equipment used to catch carjackers in the popular truTV show “Bait Car.”

The successful “track” record is so well known in the industry, the Thief Hunters have been called in to help municipal police departments, business owners, and private citizens throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Australia.

While it may not be as dramatic as a “bat signal” or as personal as a tingling “spidey sense,” the proprietary technology used to nab criminals in the act may be more reliable. With high-tech GPS and RF tracking equipment, motion sensors, and hidden cameras making up their “utility belt,” there’s no escape from your friendly neighborhood crook catchers.

Working closely with his partner, Manny Leon, an expert in criminal behavior, the two set well-laid out traps in certain areas ridden by crime – be it a section of a city, a locker room, or an office building. This is done by outfitting a high-priced item with a specially designed and disguised transmitter and placing “the bait” in a subtle, yet visible location sure to entice perpetual lawbreakers.

Considering criminals take the bait “99% of the time,” according to Leon, Thief Hunters is ideally set up to lure in viewers and capture their undivided attention. Not only is it packed full of suspense, intrigue, and action, but the audience will be introduced to a full range of dynamic characters, from the intelligent folks behind the latest and greatest tracking systems to the ignorant – often times foolish – people behind the thefts.

Whether it’s an iPad left in a locked car, copper wiring placed inside a gated construction site, or Cecchittini’s favorite – an expensive mountain bike chained to a bike rack – the entire 30-minute show is sure to be a wild and humorous ride as fans get a front row seat as they watch the criminals get tempted, lured, and caught by the Thief Hunters!