Ultimate Motor Head Challenge

lUltimate Motor Head Challenge

Two teams, two cars, one epic day. Teams compete in a head-to-head competition to see who can build the best car through a series of “riveting” challenges. Whether it’s for a drag race or a rock-crawling competition, Ultimate Motor-Head Challenge is a fast-paced, adrenaline-based show sure to entertain and inform.

The competition is broken into three segments over one day. Teams have three hours to prepare their cars for each specific challenge. After the first, a selected professional driver will run both vehicles through the designed course and a panel of judges will score the car on performance, style, and visuals. It is then right back to the shop where each team will receive instructions on what they need to do to rebuild the car for a completely different style of race. For the third and final challenge, there is only a riddle provided. The teams must decipher the mental puzzle and build their car accordingly. This will lead to some funny, interesting moments and some serious breakdowns.

Each weekly 30-minute show is sure to bring not only bring out the mechanic and car enthusiast in all of us, but also our inner child as the action revs up as professional drivers hit the oval tracks and off-road courses around the globe. Hands down, when it comes to auto-based reality shows, Ultimate Motor Head Challenge is head and shoulders above the rest.