X-Treme Warrior

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What happens when four ordinary women go on a weekend fitness “get-away” with friends only to find they are going to be pushed to their physical and mental exhaustion by well-known military boxer and kick-boxer Omar Akl? They find their inner X-treme Warrior. Thinking they’re going for three days of fun and exercise, the women must face a number of grueling individual and team challenges. Emotions soar and tempers fly as each woman learns what it means to reach new limits and achieve personal bests by breaking down the mental barriers that bind. Each episode is a three-day event, held in a different location each time, with new contestants facing new exciting, punishing challenges.

The catch is the “winner” of each episode is determined by more than just her physical abilities and the competition results. She is not necessarily the fastest or strongest and she is not selected by Akl or a panel of judges. She is chosen by her team and that person goes on to the season finale to compete for the title of X-Treme Warrior Champion against other episode selectees. While some will quit and others will fall down in exhaustion, one thing is for sure – audiences will stand and cheer as they root for everyone to find their inner X-Treme Warrior.

X-Treme Warrior Sizzle Reel